Donate to SHYPP

Your contribution is important. You could be helping to support a wide range of initiatives from an individual receiving a nourishing meal through to costs of delivering independent living skills to young people. £5 will fund a meal for a young person, £10 will contribute towards supporting young people in crisis and £25 could help fund a session to develop independent living skills. Contact us on info@herefordshireshypp.org to arrange a donation.

Become a Friend of SHYPP

Friends of SHYPP donate small amounts of money each month.  The amount you pay is up to you and the money raised will support our outreach and crisis services.

Raise Money Individually 

From skydiving to organising quiz nights, individuals and organisations take part in a wide range of fundraising activities for SHYPP.


Become a SHYPP volunteer.  We provide volunteering opportunities and work based placements. Tasks are varied but here’s a snapshot:

  • Become a fund raising volunteer.
  • Mentoring or befriending through our Asset Coaching Project to support young people to develop their talents and aspirations.
  • Help with the delivery of training sessions.
  • Put together course materials or packs ready for the sessions.
  • Design posters and flyers.
  • Take young people to or support them at sessions.
  • Support young people to become involved or volunteer.

To let us know you how you want to support SHYPP call our local office on 0300 561 0140 or email info@herefordshireshypp.org