Sparks of hope

Since working with asset coach, Alec, from SHYPP, I have started going to Livewire on Tuesday evenings and managed to get funding from The Herefordshire Community Foundation to have one on one sessions recording music for an hour each week, as well as funding to take part in the Livewire Central week. It’s not entirely possible to put into words the impact this has had on my life. The Livewire Central week gave me the confidence to perform an original song, a rap verse and a cover song in front of a public audience which I would never have been able to do beforehand due to severe anxiety.

Livewire has since become a safe space where I know I will be listened to and supported no matter what frame of mind I’m in. Recording my own music has been therapeutic in itself, giving me a way to express things I wouldn’t otherwise be able to communicate, motivation to stand up and fight against mental illness, and hope that one day I’ll be able to find my way out of the darkness. I am now aiming to do a music course at the arts college, which I would never have even considered doing previously due to the extent of my illnesses.

None of this would have been possible without SHYPP, and Alec in particular, as I wouldn’t have known about the opportunities at Livewire or been financially able to take part in the funded activities. SHYPP don’t just provide housing for young people with nowhere else to go, they also work towards helping them to build up a new life of their own and finding what inspires them to create a future in which they can achieve things they may never have thought possible.

For some the journey is long, but I will be forever grateful to the excellent staff at SHYPP who continue to support me to find sparks of hope even when everything appears to be completely hopeless, the courage to not give up on myself knowing that they too won’t give up on me, and the strength to face the impossible and carry on; fighting, dreaming, and hoping.

Story written by H


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