Why we are taking part in the SHYPP Sleep out 2018

People volunteer for the SHYPP Sleep Out for many reasons, here are just a few.


Seb Bowley – SHYPP Volunteer including key team member organising the SHYPP Sleep Out

To sponsor Seb go to https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/sebshypp2018

“I will be taking part in the SHYPP Sleep Out because I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support that I received from SHYPP.

I had just lost my first job and was facing eviction from a place I called home. I spent three months sofa surfing and living in my car at the start of 2013 , I felt abandoned and depressed with thoughts of how can life go on like this.

A friend of mine told me about SHYPP and I met one of their crisis workers who organised housing for me. Since then I have been honoured to have represented SHYPP at the Youth Homelessness Parliament and as a health ambassador on behalf of the Foyer Federation network. My main highlight was being the Youth Advisory Board Chairman, this role has given me many valuable skills that I have taken forward in my job at Waitrose and volunteering at SHYPP. Most importantly I was living in one of SHYPP’s move on properties which gave me the greatest sense of security and confidence and allowed me to take the next steps in life to be who I am today.

Please sponsor me for this event and for all the work SHYPP does to help the young people of Herefordshire. Without them I would probably be still homeless and have no prospects of a good career and volunteering opportunities.

Thank you, Seb”

Micha Reynolds

Micha Reynolds

To sponsor Micha go to


Homelessness isn’t some far removed problem, ‘that would never happen to us’.

The people supported through SHYPP are no different to you or I. In different circumstances, that could have been any of us looking for support. And it still can, 8 million people in the UK are one paycheck away from not being able to cover their overheads. Homelessness still could happen to any of us.

You’re only ever one silly decision away from changing your life in a negative way. We’ve all taken wrong turns and made mistakes. At some point, someone has shown every one of us the kindness and compassion that we needed to get through that moment. And that’s why I’m raising money for SHYPP, to pay it forward, to treat others how I would like to be treated and to not walk by thinking ‘someone’ should do something about that. Be that someone and do something 😃💕”

Chelsea Chilton


Chelsea Chilton

Sleeping rough in October – Why would anyone want to do that? Well some people have no choice. I have worked as an HR Advisor supporting the staff at SHYPP for many years and get to see the amazing work they do providing the service to Young People in Hereford. I thought it was about time I took action and contribute in some way.

Whilst on my honeymoon in San Francisco we witnessed homelessness like I could never imagine and it filled me with great sadness to see so many people with nowhere to call home. I am so proud to work for an Organisation who is doing something to reduce homelessness and this is my small start at aiming to help.

Any sponsors would be greatly appreciated!


Chelsea x”


Helen Parker
“I am proud to be the event organiser for the 3rd annual SHYPP Sleep Out.
The first years Sleep Out was to raise much-needed funds for SHYPP’s duty/crisis and outreach services. It quickly became evident that as well as raising funds, we were generating a lot of awareness around rural homelessness.
As the event organiser I am aware that the Sleep Out will never be able to fully replicate homelessness but one night in the cold on a hard floor does remind volunteer sleepers that is the harsh reality for many people 365 days per year.
The support we have received from the community is amazing and this year all funds raised will go into a new initiative called The Thrive Fund which will directly help young people. I am immensely proud of the SHYPP staff team and volunteers who are giving their own time to help at the event.”
To sponsor Helen follow this
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