How passing my driving test changed so many things

I am so pleased to have passed my driving test first time, it has opened many new avenues for me including job and housing opportunities for the future.

I attended a Safety Awareness Course through Herefordshire Council where we discussed safety on the roads with cyclists and motorists. We went out on the bikes, rode around and used different hand signals as well as emergency stops.

As I completed the Safety Awareness Course I was reimbursed for the course fees and also was given a free driving test, these are expensive-especially if you don’t pass!  I had been having driving lessons and I managed to pass the test first time.

I look forward to my future and driving, it is my dream to become a farmer and with my full driving license, the dream feels as though its getting more real.

I would fully recommend the Safety Awareness Course as it was really interesting and I enjoyed it, I also learnt lots of new things and saved me a lot of money.  – Story by Ryan




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