My Hip Hop Nite

Huge thanks to all involved in the Hip Hop Nite.  We had live music courtesy of LAST TREE SQUAD, DJing by Mista Bliss, BBoy breakdance by Dirty Feet Dance and MCing and Rap by our very own Brandan and Jake – what a night!  Special thanks also to Chris at Close House and the staff at the Leftbanks Speakeasy bar.

Here’s a bit more about what went on.  3 Young people from SHYPP have been working alongside our asset coach, through our Personal Transition Service. All are individually achieving personal outcomes such as searching for volunteer work, accessing the gym for physical health and to combat loneliness and taking part in hobbies like fishing. This all helps when they move on to their own accommodation as they have built community networks that help to sustain successful independent living.

Two of these young people are also involved with our art project mediaSHYPP and took part in a performance in May at the Courtyard Hereford (If you walked a mile in my shoes).  It was clear to see that Jake and Brandan were very passionate and also very talented in rapping and hip hop.

They asked to meet with their asset coach to discuss what they would like to do to show their talents and decided that they would like to do a performance in front of likeminded hip hop enthusiasts. They discussed the possibility of an open night for Hip hop or an evening for some rap battles in the local clubs, in the end a Hip Hop Nite for 16-25 year olds was decided on. SHYPP brokered meet ups with Livewire and Dirty Feet Dance and also Speakeasy Bar.  A night was arranged as a pilot to put J and B’s skills on show. With only a month to organise they got really involved with local music group Livewire and made new friends.  R,ehearsals were going very well, writing new material and practising at their Livewire evenings with Chris and the group. As this progressed more people got involved, such as a DJ, sound guy, Didge Dirty Feet and their breakdancers and Last Tree squad all agreeing on performing on the night along with our two Rappers and a keen photography enthusiast who was going to take some snaps on the night.

The night had arrived and it went well, Jake and Brandan both got a good understanding of performing in the public eye and how the night was put together. Local band and events organiser Lofty gave some support on the night and has offered to provide mentoring with writing lyrics, performing and confidence skills and has also invited them to perform at his next local Hip Hop night. This is all a great example of people using their dreams and abilities to achieve their goals, a perfect example of PTS in action.



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