So its been six months since we launched our pilot for PTS and it has been fabulous to see such a keen interest in it and such a great take up. We now need more coaches and volunteers..!!

It is amazing to see the change in someone’s thoughts and relationship with life when they are asked what they want to do and things are truly led by them.

We have been busy attending the MTMF  (moving the model forward) meetings with the other partners in this pilot and sharing best practice and were part of the recent RESET event in London and one of our staff  has become an associate trainer for PTS.

Organisations involved in PTS

There is another Reset event in Manchester on 12thSeptember if you would like to find out more go to the Homeless Link website and book yourself a place.

SHYPP are so happy to be part of this movement for real change in the way services are delivered  and proving that it works to move away from a deficit approach system to a asset based person led real life experience.

We are working on some great stuff at the moment so watch this space.


Ryan was introduced to PTS by his Support worker. Ryan was very keen on looking into ways of improving health, getting fitter in hope of building confidence and self-esteem. After a few meetings we managed to get Ryan an induction at local Halo leisure centre where he took part in a introduction around the gym and got his plan to achieve his goals that Ryan had set out. Ryan needed a new pair of trainers to achieve maximum potential at the gym with also limiting injuries which we managed to source from a local charity.

We also helped set up some financial help for the set up costs and to get him going.

Six months on and Ryan is still keeping this up on a daily basis, fitting it in where he can around his part time job in a local restaurant. Ryan has shown commitment to this and is now also ready for move on into independent living. Ryan did say, “I would like to say a massive thank you to SHYPP PTS for helping me to go to the gym, I feel really happy and this has given me confidence in myself”.


A tenant who lives in a move on flat has always been keen on pursuing a career with working with animals, through our PTS we have explored this and managed to get enrolled in a dog grooming course that starts in April and is a 17 week course which is a level 2 in dog grooming. We have managed to get funding for this along with the costs for 1stpart which is a half day taster course. After this she is keen to look into full time employment being a dog groomer or even look into the princes trust to maybe look into starting her own business and may be keen on starting this business venture overseas.


T wanted to get back into horse riding again, did lots as a child and was keen to find ways on how to get some time back on a horse. After a few PTS meetings and looking on the internet and phone calls we managed to get an interview with some stables. The meeting went really well  and the stables were only a short bus trip away. They  agreed  if she  would be able to help for a day and work alongside the other volunteers then in return she would be able to go out for ‘a hack’ which was what she really wanted to do.  Helping someone to reignite a past passion can make all the difference to how they feel about their days and purpose and this helped her to decided that this was the career she wanted to pursue.


A was very keen from the start of accessing PTS to look into local boxing clubs and breakdancing lessons which he felt could help as escapism and constructive use of time along with meeting new people.   Using the internet and phone calls to local clubs we managed to find a local gym that was close to home and met his budget. As a PTS coach I went with him for the first session and he met organiser of the group who put him at ease straight away. Aish took part in the group exercises and also 1 to 1 in the boxing ring with one of their coaches and showed experience right away and kept this up for many weeks.

We then looked into breakdancing and found a local dance teacher and found out suitable times to attend, he went  along to these on a weekly basis which did suit well and now wants to pursue a more advanced dance group and also a martial arts group and is working with one of our PTS volunteers in making this happen.


If you enjoyed hearing the stories and would like to know more or even join our team as a volunteer to support PTS get in touch or call us 01432374320 and ask to speak to Mel Groves.


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