What an inspirational day

What a great Inspire day to launch our Personal Transitions Service in Herefordshire. Were you inspired? I was.!

We wanted to introduce young people we work with to the idea of Asset Coaching and get them to think about what their assets actually are.  We also invited other agencies including Homelessness officers and Mental Health Recovery Workers and local businesses so they could learn more about PTS.  We were fortunate to have Pat McArdle, Mayday Trusts CEO, who spoke about how PTS came to life and about the 7 other organisations who are piloting this project.


A focus for the day was to engage with like minded local businesses and we sure did that, from Denim Nation who make clothes designed by the Art college students and made by rescued victims of trafficking in Cambodia to Hereford Pedicabs and Pedicargo who are intent on making our city cleaner, giving young people chances to aspire and having fun.

Emily from Glofit Herefordshire is putting the fun back into exercise and working hard to engage more women into fitness and now pushing her business with online videos.

Gemma from Little Notes Music Club, our very own Hereford princess talked about how hard it was having a young family and running your own business but she’s living proof that if you love what you do and work hard you can get there.

British portrait artist Paul Oz spoke about the ups and downs of his work life and being unemployed before he persued his passions for painting. His first exhibition was painted from his tiny kitchen where no cooking was able to happen for a while.

The round up for the day was that all these people took something they loved and had assets in and turned it into their career, most of them with no financial start up costs, just hard work and determination.

The feedback from young people was that they really enjoyed it and it made them think about what they could do.

A young person who is already undertaking PTS and Asset Coaching and has been doing lots with her photography and is working to an asset plan said “I would like to be able to talk in a years time about my journey and how I got there, at another Inspire day”.  So watch this space, if that’s what she wants she may well be organising the next event!

She is also looking at opportunities to work with professional photographers to get some shoot experience and is really positive about her future.

This is what really inspires me about PTS and Asset Coaching, it’s seeing peoples eyes light up when they come up with their first ideas and realising anything is possible. Its helping people break it down into small , achievable steps and helps them to get their confidence back often after some really traumatic times of being homeless and adjusting to life again.

Having worked with children and young people for over 20 years in a outcomes based way to tick boxes that were requested of us it feels amazing to be sitting down with young people and asset coaches to find out what is important to people and what they want to do for themselves.  This is what I love about this job, its forever changing and evolving, no day is the same. Helping people will always put a smile on my face and an extra beat in my heart.

Mel Groves, PTS and Asset Coach Manager  

A big thanks to all the speakers and everyone who came along to the Left Bank Village. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear how people have used their assets to build their careers. Thank you Paul Oz, Will from Hereford Pedicabs and Pedicargo, Gemma from Little Notes Music Club, Emily from GLO Fitness Herefordshire , Becki and Emily from FIT Hereford and Pat from Mayday Trust

#assetcoaching #PTS

Click the following link to find out more about Asset Coaching and Personal Transition Service working with Mayday Trust



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