Journey to success

Written by George

I have lived in the foyer for a year now. John my worker has helped me through hard times, helped me get on the right track with supporting me with budgeting, cleaning and looking after myself.  I feel that moving on to a move on flat is like an award that I’ve gained because I’ve worked towards independence for the past year. It’s brilliant to have my own money coming through by working, it helps me to afford more food, pay more bills and be able to have nice stuff.

“I have been a Young Persons Worker at SHYPP for over a year now. My main role is to help young people build the skills they need to learn to live independently and achieve their ambitions, whatever those may be. I’ve learnt a lot about what it is to actually achieve these ambitions and that young people’s roads to independence may not be straight, they can be winding with a few pot holes! For example, I have worked with George for a whole year, when he first came to the foyer he was struggling in a few areas and making some mistakes. Yet a year on, he has achieved so much. He is working, has a qualification in plumbing and electrics, is paying rent and bills, is focused and is now ready to move on from the foyer.

It’s a joy to see someone finding their purpose and watching their journey to success. That is why SHYPP offers such a great service; it walks with clients along their journey, allowing them to make mistakes which in the long run help them to achieve independence.” John Bamford




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