Why we are taking part in the SHYPP Sleep out?


Toni Cook “I’m sleeping out for SHYPP to help raise funds and awareness of the great work that this organisation does with young people aged 18-25 who have experienced homelessness.I am privileged to work with some fantastic young people at SHYPP who through our creative work are given a voice and an opportunity to express themselves. The impact of this work is profound on all of us involved and sleeping out is a small way that I can raise some awareness of the real difficulties that many of the young people have faced and overcome with support from SHYPP. Please sponsor me if you can, any small amount helps.”

Stefan Davies from Your HerefordshireFullSizeRender-4
“We often forget how lucky we are when we get home from work to our nice warm homes with all the wonderful treats we have in life. There are plenty of people in this county who don’t share the same fortune as us and struggle to know where they’ll be sleeping from one night to the next. Here at Your Herefordshire we often raise awareness by sharing posts etc. but I thought it was time to get involved. If anyone would like to sponsor me then please get in contact. I would love to raise the most to get the inflatable bed for the night!”  https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/stefandavies1

Lucy Hurds, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate and her daughter Laura Hurdslucyandlaura  “A roof over your head, food and warmth, support and advice from a caring adult should be the least we provide for our youngsters. If we can help provide funding for this by sleeping out for one night then we are happy to take part. Please sponsor us so SHYPP can keep up their great work across our County. Many Thank, Lucy & Laura Hurds”

Jim Kenyon“Being young 18920328_10158633179945198_8750930462279082552_nis tough, just growing up is tough, sometimes you think the whole world is against you and you don’t know where to turn. Having a roof over your head goes a long way to making everything else alright, also being able to speak to people in the same boat helps. That’s where SHYPP comes in, they are someone you can talk to, its somewhere you can live.  I’m sleeping out to raise awareness of SHYPP because everybody matters and in life all you need sometimes is a chance.”  https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/jimkenyon1


Father Matthew, the curate in West Hereford is joining us on the0e24b75f-bc70-4405-9829-f9bec7b922be_1505986871149.jpg SHYPP Sleep Out.  Watch why he’s doing it https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/fathermatthew


Lindsay McArthur
20170920_170838“My role at SHYPP is to work with social work students on placement for a few months, so while I don’t directly work with young people who are assisted by SHYPP I learn a lot about the type of difficulties they face in their lives. My main impression is that the changes over the last few years have created new levels of  poverty and restrictions on young people’s lives. Many of the people referred to SHYPP are vulnerable because of various issues to do with their backgrounds and often experience low self-esteem and confidence. This is compounded by the few opportunities for them to start an independent lifestyle in a secure home of their own. Thank goodness there is an organisation like SHYPP to help them pick up the pieces of their lives and start afresh, particularly in a county so lacking in easily accessible housing solutions and work opportunities. Having a home is such a basic need and right for everyone and I am shocked at the rise in homelessness over the last few years. I am very glad to be supporting this event as I really hope it gets the message across that this is a growing problem in our society, especially as young people are so much at risk from it. They need to have the same opportunities as the generations before them.”https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/lindsaymcarthur1


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