Piloting the Personal Transitions Service

PTS & Asset Coaching – What is it?

Mayday Trust, an organisation working with people experiencing homelessness based in Oxford, developed the Personal Transitions Service (PTS) which is a highly personalised approach that builds on individuals strengths, talents and abilities. This radical new way of working utilises existing resources that local communities have to offer and creates ‘real world’ opportunities and friendships for people so they can transition out of their situations quickly, with dignity and respect.  

 Mayday is leading a national movement for change so that all people going through the toughest of times have access to this transitional approach, rather than becoming institutionalised into homelessness services.  Alongside 7 other homelessness organisations across the country, SHYPP is delighted to be a member of the PTS network and look forward to working with young people across Herefordshire so they unlock their talents and aspirations and thrive in our community

“This is a really exciting opportunity for us, a great ethos from Mayday Trust that solely looks at talent and puts together the pieces for participants with brokering partnerships with businesses and agencies to help sustain skills, hobbies and assets in the community.  This is a voluntary service where meetings are held in places of purpose choosen by participants and we have had a steady uptake.  I am very much looking forward to working with more young people through this approach and successful outcomes.” Alec Hoskins, Asset Coach

Our role as Asset Coaches;

Mission – to invest in people’s talents & abilities through life-changing opportunities that overcome barriers and achieve aspirations.

Values – we see talent we build on strengths, abilities and potential.

No limits – we see no limits to what we can achieve as individuals or as an organisation.

People first – work with people first, not labels. For us, it’s the individual that matters.

Together – encouraging partnerships with individuals groups and organisations that share our ideals.

Every contribution counts – everyone’s view, opinion and actions matter.

Integrity – passionately committed to being open, honest and trustworthy.

Embracing diversity – will value and grow diversity, and explicitly challenge issues of inequality.

You can help us, we are looking for;

Like minded individuals and organisations to help us open doors to opportunities. Volunteers to work with our people and help enable them to make the best of new opportunities.

Organisations who can offer work experience time, volunteer there staff skills, specific training, fundraising at work, or generally just support and promote shypp to aid a smooth personal transition for our people.

In return you can be part of this exciting new scheme offered to Herefordshire to empower our young people making these life transitions on their personal journey and help them to thrive in the community, Inspiring them to DREAM MORE, LEARN MORE, DO MORE AND BECOME MORE.

Written by Mel Groves


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