Down in the Garden

“I am attending a group called Phocas, where we are learning to plant flowers, cut flowers, grass cutting, tidying up gardens and also the business side of gardening. I am enjoying getting my hands dirty and getting outdoors, I often come back covered in mud, but its worth it. 

 I have learnt a lot since working with Phocas, my favourite thing to do at the moment is making up the beds, spreading the soil out and making it level ready for the flowers to go in. I am a keen gardening farmer and find the Phocas course interesting, as well as informative. I am learning new skills which will help benefit towards my career, as well as self confidence.

 It is my aspiration to become a horticulturist and this has given me a head start in developing my knowledge. We are also having the garden at Ross foyer renovated, where my new skills will come in useful and the garden will look beautiful.

 I meet with Phocas around twice a week and its always something I look forward to as it gets me out of my room, doing something worthwhile and keeping me on the straight and narrow.”                                                Written by Ryan, a resident at the SHYPP Ross Foyer

Phocas is a cut flower farm producing great quality, local, seasonal cut flowers for weddings, florists and markets. As a social enterprise, Phocas also has a distinct social purpose – to pass on skills and enthusiasm to a new generation and help people find new futures in this fast growing area of production horticulture.”

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