Visitors to Leominster Foyer

Over the last few weeks we have held exciting and productive events, with a couple of visitors coming to Leominster Foyer! First we had PSCO Maddox come to talk to the residents about his job, the dangers of carrying knifes and drug use. Then we held afternoon tea for North Herefordshire MP Bill Wiggin, he watched SHYPP’s latest film, Two Kids Lost, spoke to the young people about how important political engagement is and ate a lot of cake! The residents were brilliant and did a great job of preparing the foyer, baking and giving Bill a tour of the building.

It is important that people visit the foyer, so they can explain their job roles, talk about experiences and give advice to the young people. It’s also important for people to see the work SHYPP does with young people in Herefordshire, helping them to gain independent living skills and work towards their ambitions. Finally young people get a lot out of welcoming visitors into their home, giving the residents something to be proud of.

John Bamford, Young Persons Worker at Leominster Foyer



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